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Wink Shih Tzu


I am found this post because I too am on a hunt to find out why my Shih Tzu has back problems!

First off, he is 7 years old and I acquired him from a friend of a friend that was going to put him in a pound because he has a boxer, a pit bull and young children! ??? I said, bring him to me and I will re home him.

Little did I know, he was handicapped! He waddled when he walked, he favored one leg so he was badly twisting to one side, as the cooler weather set in, he stopped walking all together and drug himself by his front legs, he'd end up peeing on himself, he stopped walking upstairs as it grew colder here in Chicago. I took him in for a grooming to have him shaved short so I could see just what was going on with his body stance. After he was shaved at my herbalist, I was told by him that the little guy was raw all over his body and yeast was coming out of all the raw areas on him.

This is what I did!
I feed all my dogs a very well balanced raw dog food diet, I started him on that from the day I got him. He was skin and bones, didn't gain any weight no matter how much I fed him, I also treated this yeast infection, which I later found out was in his ears and eyes! He was raw and bleeding in the folds under his eyes! So, what I did was use 1/2 warm water, 1/2 white vinegar in a large bowl and a rag and just kept squeezing it out of the rag and over his body, as much as 3 times a day! Within 2 weeks he was healed up. As for the raw diet, well, I took him in, in Oct and found as the cold weather set in and he was unable to walk, by Feb we were so cold, there was snow on the ground and he decided to take off running all around the back yard playing in the snow!!! He was also running up the stairs!

When he was examined by my herbalist, I was told that he could have been hit by a car or had some sort of genetic issues. That the vertebras in his spine were way to far apart and seemed to be fused together for some reason.

I do have a very good dog chiropractor that I will be taking him to see soon. He will have to have x rays and I am hoping that he can do some adjustments that will help him!

As of today, one year later, my little handicapped Shih Tzu can run, jump and play... Even when it's freezing outside. I WILL NEVER take him into a vet and allow them to put him on any medications at all!

His raw meat diet and supplements have seem to work wonders on him! He is very happy and healthy! And... He has found his forever home right here with me!

When I asked some professionals why they think he has had such a change they told me, the diet I have him on offers much more for him than the kibble ever could.
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