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Any tips for living with a blind dog?

A little over a year ago, Taffy (Maltepoo) was surrendered to the shelter by an old couple who were no longer able to care for her due to their own health issues. She was 12 at the time, going partly blind... still haven't decided whether she's also partly deaf or just has "selective" hearing. We fell in love anyway, and brought her home to join our Mini-Mutts pack (at 4.5lbs, she fits right in).

Now, just over a year later, she's still incredibly spunky and active, although her legs sometimes give out on the wood floors, she sometimes misses going up the steps and ends up sliding back down to faceplant at the bottom (then gets up, shakes it off, and tries again)... and of course, she's bumping into things more and more. Fortunately she's been able to learn her way around the house pretty well as her eyesight has continued to diminish.

We're moving in just under three weeks to a new house, though, so she'll have to learn her routes all over again... wondering if anyone has any tips for helping her with this transition? She seems to deal with near-blindness pretty well in general, taking it all in stride, using her nose a lot (I've done a little nosework training with her), and she's generally pretty fearless, but I expect some extra help will be needed until she's settled into the new place.
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