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Being in an ER can be stressful to people that do not have PTSD , if a person has PTSD and is in a room filled strange people and sounds and having medicals issues at the same time they'll need to have their dog with them for support. I could take my hearing dog to the ER and DR. office and lab to get blood test. I could not take him into operating room . I had doctors ask me if they could pet my dog and I would let them . The Dr. where men and after petting Finlay for a few minutes they would get up and say they feel better. I would tell the DR. "I will be sending you a bill."
After my dog dies I went to have some blood tests and the first thing the nurses asked me "Where was my dog?" Not "How are you" They wanted pet my dog. There a book called ' Until Tuesday' and it's about the vet and this PTSD dog.
It's written by Luis Carlos Montalvan
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