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He must have only been on about 9 months, DD. I didn't get him at 8 weeks, I had to wait for the test to be done.

lindapalm, I didn't let him shred the hat, he'd already destroyed one of his presents, the naughty boy.

I might go have some one on one time on the bed with him, he plays with a soft dumbbell while I do my knee exercises, so then I'll give him hugs and kisses from everyone. Thank you, and thank you from Roo also. He went back to Obedience today and performed beautifully. His heel work was especially amazing. The instructor said he should be in class 4, not 1, and if you recall it was them keeping him down in class 1 that made me quit going ..... that and the minor inconvenience of needing two surgeries. Question is, do I go back next weekend to see if they are going to graduate him? It's my last weekend before my op. and he so enjoyed himself today. Didn't fire up at any dog, just wanted to be every dog's buddy. Mind you, no blue eyes or big coats that wobbled from side to side to aggravate him.
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