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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
I am using cosequin plus chewables here for Jazz, they have glucosamine, chondroitin and Msm in them, but no vitamin c like the regular cosequin does. Sometimes she holds her leg up, vet thinks that she is in early stages of knee issues.

The joint supplements do help with knee pain, and hyaluronic acid added I think helps more. I knew a gsd owner that injected glucosamine. It won't change any of the grovve, but it will lubricate the joint and help with the pain.

I would not use the tail to hold up the dog, you can cause nerve damage at the base of the tail.
I was not able to use Marty tail ,he made it very clear I was not to touch his tail when he is trying to pee. I did have some cosequin from my last dog and gave some it away after my dog dies. I really feel awful about having my dog go through all that pain from surgery and he has a terrible time taking meds , they give him the runs. I will see if I have any cosequin left and try giving Marty some.
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