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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
In large breed dogs there is significant evidence that neuter spay before puberty means the dog may grow longer long bones. That can put joint angles out and the fact there are more orthopedic problems in such dogs than in intact dogs is thus believed by many to be related to pre-puberty neuter/spay.

A male dog neutered before puberty may not develop in his head, neck and shoulders and be smaller there than an intact male. This effect is not so noticeable in the girls who don't bulk up in those areas like the boys do anyway. This is quite easily seen in horses. A gelding cut early will not have the neck muscles of a stallion.

rottysrule, this would be of concern in your breed, a large breed dog. I have provided a list of readings, all scientific research before on this board. If you can't find it I can post it again. Certainly there are far more reasons than mere appearance and more health concerns than just the joint one to neuter spay pre-puberty or even at all, as more recent research is beginning to show.
I did notice that my last dog china wasn't as big as she should have been and we got her fixed around her first heat.. my dog Nyx who a rotty mix just got fixed just before 2 and i have a pitty mix who got also fixed this past month and she was under a year. only reason we got both done right away is there was an intact male that got would get out and it was driving me nuts as i was afraid to let my dogs out in my fenced back yard in the off chance he got in my yard. My next dog(years down the line) probably wont be fixed until 2 also , as i want the pup to grow the way it should.
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