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Hi everyone, thanks for the great advice! I would love to hear feedback from any contacts you have.

A short but plentiful update...

Yesterday, we had a GOOD walk with him and the two kids as my son actually walked without darting into traffic (he is too big for a stroller). No discipline means Simba did not suffer any stress.

We have figured a game out that they both like to play called Go Simba Go, where basically they both run around like nuts on the bed together. Normally dogs and kids probably shouldn't run around on the bed together but hey, we're trying to build a relationship right?

MIRA (Quebec special needs dogs) had a huge editorial in my local paper yesterday on children with autism and dogs (how random!). My French is terrible so on Monday, my husband has the day off and we're going to go talk to them about advice - perhaps get a visit from a pro?

Tuesday, I have a friend coming over who runs a dog rescue and she's going to offer her informal input. Her kids are the exact same ages as mine and she specializes in aggression so I'm hoping she can help me out with a difficult situation.

My son's psychology centre offers autism/horse therapy, so when we see them next week, I'm going to ask for advice on dealing with autism/animals.

Wheew! That's a lot. I felt so bad for him when I posted this, but I think a renewed effort to integrate them will really do some wonders. I don't think it will come to rehoming but if it does, I know there is no shortage of good homes for a non-aggressive gorgeous Shiba Inu. But we're not at that point yet!
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