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sadly the fox can't be returned into the wild... find another video and it had more details on the fox.. but she soo cute. I have watched shows on animal planet or the other animal channel out there on tv and a guy has a fox and its friendly
"This is Dawn, one of the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary's 6 resident foxes that cannot be returned to the wild. The majority of animals we get in is injured wildlife that is aimed to be returned into the wild, however, Dawn was a young fox that was took into a dog rescue centre as the member of public that found her thought she was a dog! When they realised they bought her into us but it was too late, because she was too tame and this meant that she wouldn't be able to look after herself in the wild. Dawn is not a pet, and we do not recommend any fox or wild animal as a pet."
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