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Shiba Mom I just want you to know I applaud you for coming here and discussing something of such a sensitive nature. I know that most folks wouldn't. I think you have some wonderful suggestions given and thought I would just add another thought.

I know there are some guide dogs out there that work with the blind and most recently we have been hearing more about dogs that can sniff cancer, tell if someone is going to have a seizure etc. I googled whether there was an organization that offers assistance to those families that have children with autism and found a site here :

I am in no way suggesting that you get another dog or anything but I am wondering if they could offer you some suggestions that could help your pup adjust to the situation? I mean it cant be easy for every guide dog at first right? they must have to learn about the noises etc when they are trained?? Just hoping that they will offer you anything that can ease the situation at home.

My heart breaks for you it has to be tough!

Good Luck
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