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Originally Posted by rottysrule View Post
ya. my moms agrees that they don't stay over at a vets or anywhere again unless they can be in the same space. as they either clung to each other or me... here a few days later, the one on the bed is the day after we came home, Karma had no issue jumping up or down from grandma bed, Nyx would get up and then hurt herself trying to get down so we stopped her from going up.

I know have a king size bed and it still feel like a queen with just a bit more room as they are still stuck to my side in bed.
I have a queen size bed and Marty is very good at taking up a lot room on it at night . If he get to bed before me Marty is laying right across my side of the bed leaving me no place to lay down. The little , he looks so cute and comfy he can 'almost' get away with it .
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