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That is such a sad situation, shibamom. I have seen both my breeds react badly to children who have had a handicap. One was my nephew, my sister didn't realise he was deaf as he lost his hearing after learning to speak, and had taught himself how to lip read. The dog knew it though, I had my then fiance's cattle dog at my place and it kept wanting to heel Peter. Pete did regain his hearing after an op.. The other was a Downes Syndrome girl who came here with her mother. I had Tammy (Sheltie) locked up and they insisted I let her out. Of course she had been watching the child, knew there was something not right, and she immediately flew in and bit her. Most embarrassing. So, you are lucky your dog hasn't attacked at least, but what a shame it's scaring the dog. September is such a long way off. I don't know what to say, honestly. I know you must love the dog.
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