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Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
Yes, I bought a dresser in IKEA and some organizing fabric like shelves that you hang. For now until we move. The lkace is small and the spare room that will be the nursery has a big futon! I need to clear it, and it's a goid futon I don't want to dump it but I need to find a place to storage it
I already had to wrap 2 very nice wicker chairs too because we got a new sofa and a new dining room. Geez! I'm going a bit nuts with my job, crafting projects, re decorating for parents to be comfy and pleasant in a pretty place when they come (not that they're demanding anything at all) , no storage....
This pregnant cat needs some Feliway. Good thing the Dr. prescribed a difuser for Scully.
Try to get as much rest and sleep as you can now, once your kitten arrive he will be demanding your time.
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