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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
Yes, I forgot if Marty is on any supplements?

The backend "lifts" have long handles, but seem awkward for both dog and owner. Maybe a sturdy leash and a good harness, keeping it tight when he pees, would give enough support, or at least some? My folks both have mobility problems, so I'm trying to think what they might be able to use...I know at training, I can use the leash to lift jazz up some (she is 20 lbs), and I use a comfort flex harness on her, though it does support the front more than the back ( ).

In the US, I have used Care Credit, which has allowed me to charge and pay off interest free. It has helped me with these bigger unexpected dog expenses, mine or family member's. Even if it's available where you are, your vet has to use it, so maybe something worth asking the vet?
No Marty is not on any supplements , the vet did say some people hold their dog tail up a little to give some support while peeing . I tired to do this today and Marty gave me a dirty look , and said "what do you think you're doing? I got the prices for one knee the low end price is $938.31 and the high end price is $ 12018. 08. The vet is not vet board certified , he said this be the best care for my dog but I do not have $3,200 -$4,000 per knee.
I would also have to bring Marty back for checked up and that will cost more $$$. Why does it cost so much money for vets bills??
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