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I went back to the vet who has previously prescribed Surolan and Aurizon and each time wants to do an examination because he claims it's required by law!
A Vet in Ontario must perform an exam of the dog before dispensing medications, advice, doing a procedure or writing a Rx. Once you are a regular client most will write you a renewal Rx with no problem but some offices do play around with this requirement that they must have seen the dog and have you come in to the office for every little thing. Ask your pet friends and see what their Vet does. If you change Vets you will have to take your pet in for an office exam.

It is a good idea to check the ears before issuing new meds. Maybe the problem is gone and you have a new one. Maybe the Surolan did not work at all and you need a different med. Some meds require you stop the previous one for a few days before starting a new one. We went through the ear meds routine this summer and tried three different ones before we decided it wasn't that the meds weren't working, it was that the allergy was now affecting the ears and making them itchy. Without the exam which showed no yeast and no bacteria I might have gone on putting useless meds in ears. My Vet charges me a reduced fee for these visits but he did spend time with me and he did take a swab and examine it under microscope, he does deserve something monetary for his time.
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