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Same issue with ear medication

I just discovered this thread as I am facing the exact same issue. My chocolate lab is 11 years old and has had a history of ear infections. We went through a period of food eliminations and she is now a vegan, and otherwise healthy, but the ear infections have persisted on and off throughout her life. I went back to the vet who has previously prescribed Surolan and Aurizon and each time wants to do an examination because he claims it's required by law!

I refuse to be ripped off, but my dog needs some medication for her ears. I don't quite understand why in Canada I am required to have a prescription but in the UK and US they seem to let pet owners have some adult responsibility. I'm not quite sure what the vet thinks I'm going to be doing with my secret stash of Surolan other than put it in my dog's ear.

I will probably find a US site and order from them.
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