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I took Marty to the vet today and the vet said Marty joints pop outward instead of popping inward like it does in most small dogs. It's unusual for this to happen with small dog joints to pop outward according to this vet. The vet popped his joints back in place and they popped right out of place. So popping his joints in place does not work. Marty does not the support in his knees to lift his leg to pee and this is making it hard to pee like a boy dog.
The joint groove is not deep enough and he will need surgery to made the groove deeper and both knees need surgery. The vet is going to let me know in a few days how much the surgery will cost. I may have find away to help hold up Marty rear end so he will have more support. I been looking for a harness that I could use but not have not found one yet.
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