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Possible Reaction to toxins

I'm 99.9% certain that Binky's symptoms are indeed a direct result of toxins. After reading up on toxicity is pets, one of the toxins listed is cleaning products in addition to mercury in canned foods. I feed Binky canned premium fish all the time (amongst a few others like chicken and the freeze dried Lamb & Chicken which you add with a bit of water. What it boils down to is this, the weekend I bought the new duvet (bed) cover and did not wash it first but just placed in the bed I also had used cleaning products with bleach in them (including other products to clean windows/glass tables etc..) this was all on the same day. Three days later is when I first noticed these weird symptoms with the twitching, excessive licking and running around looking possessed. Mind you, she could have been experiencing some of the symptoms even earlier but I just never noticed because I am at work all day and donít get home until the early evening and then get into my routine of making dinner being busy etc... When Binky had her blood work done that week, the vet said she had a slight elevation of the liver enzymes which could be a result of the anesthesia (full sedation) that they need to give her because she was hard to handle at the vet clinic (does not like being handled). Plus she had not eaten anything from 7:30pm the following evening up until the blood work was done the next day around 1:30pm. Now, after reading up on the toxins and how it affects animals, very interesting that one of the organs it affects is the LIVER and this is where Iím concerned. I wonder if I should be trying to use a detoxification type method to rid of the toxins in her liver. I read that Milk Thistle is excellent to clean the liver of toxins. Has anyone used this on their pets? I did get pick up the Prozac from the vet clinic but don't want to use it yet as I'm still thinking I may be able to treat her condition if I can detoxify her liver somehow. Any thoughts?
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