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Update on Binky

It's been 4 days since I gave Binky the Advantage one treatment flea medication and I had not seen any symptoms. Although, tonight she started licking the same spot where she had previously got the muscle twitching/spasm and she seemed as though something was starting to bother her skin again but she did not go back to having the same severe symptoms as before. I was trying to distract her with toys which seemed to help. She is still not totally herself but she is eating well, drinking water, and playing but she is tired more now and seems to find relief from just laying down and not moving around. I believe that if she gets too worked up from playing, it may trigger some symptoms so I'm being careful. I have also started to rub coconut oil (cold pressed virgin) on her lips so she can lick it off as she does not touch her food when I mix it in. I also ordered some type of topical dry shampoo that is formulated for skin irritations (not sure what it's called right now) that I'm picking up on Saturday to try. I want to try everything to see if she improves before deciding to put her on Prozac (something I'm really struggling with doing). I have done so much research on her conditions lately and everything seems to point to some type of skin condition which I am still 99.9% sure was caused by a chemical reaction to my duvet cover and the fact that I had also used VIM with bleach to clean certain areas in my apartment the same weekend which must have caused this skin irritation. I'm just scared that these chemicals were ingested through her skin and possibly through grooming herself and are causing some type of problem with her nervous system which is why she was twitching so much and having the hind leg jerking along with the twitching. Can't get a straight answer from the vet. She even ruled out that skin rolling syndrome. Don't think she has fleas but I have to try everything and then see what's not working. Every day I wake up in the morning and when I get home from work I pray my cat is not going to get the symptoms because it's so very upsetting and stressful to see. I noticed another post back from August of 2012 with a cat exhibiting the EXACT same symptoms as mine - there must be a way to find out what this is and how to treat it without putting me in the poor house. The more I read up on people being taken to the cleaners by their vet's the angrier I get. I start thinking of how I can do something about this. I too am not happy with my vet as Iím the one how did all the research to advise them about it possibly being a skin irritation AND NOT A BEHAVIOURAL CONDITION but what other choice do I have? When I read up some of the reviews on other vet clinics near where I live it makes me sad and they do not seem to be much better. Not to say the clinic I go to is bad but they seem to just want you to spend your money on anything they can sell you instead of trying to figure out what can be causing this. I find my favorite thing to do now is sleep so I donít have to think/worry about this anymore.
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