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A friend reminded me about an another vet office , I forgot about the office I took my last dog there and they're good . Marty will be going to this vet on Monday ,they had an appointment at 5:00 PM Friday but I can't drive when it getting too dark . The vet will see how bad Marty's knees are and if he will need x rays . If Marty does need x rays I will to put him on fast as he will have to put under for the x ray he will also need a blood test to see if he healthy for this. A friend of mine has a friend that use to work at this vet office and she said if Marty knees are not too bad the groove in his knee joints could made deeper so the joints will stay in place. I am hoping this will be the case as it would not cost as much and I hope Marty will be able to recover faster. It is a good thing I can pick Marty up and carry him outside to do his business . Thank you guy. I will let you what the vet said after I see him on Monday. I only wish I could Marty to swat down to pee , it would be a lot easier than trying to lift his hind leg over and over . He just can't get his leg up the way he want to . I think he does not want to get pee all over himself.
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