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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Barkingdog I know 2 people with little dogs that had this issue. In both instances they did not do the surgery. Both dogs are living normal doggie lives. They do both however have the odd bought of discomfort because with the trick knee it can sort of pop out while running around etc. It doesnt seem to happen too often either. Both dogs that I knew were yorkies, one mini and one standard and it is apparently very common in that breed??

I guess it would depend on how bad the dog is but both of these folks said the vets were not big on this type of surgery either??

Good Luck!
Marty is a mini poodle mix and I am not sure what he is mixed with. He is having a hard time lifting his hind legs to pee and it taking him forever to pee.
I will not feel like standing outside in the winter for Marty to pee. The poor dog. I found a vet that will do both x ray for about $200 and the office visit is only $55. They could tell me how bad Marty's knees are and I can decide what to do. I wonder if knee braces will help keep his knee from popping out of joint. I just read some reviews for the second place and some where not too good.

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