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Ditto Max Lisa. It's normal to have a few lapses, especially in times of excitement.

Some dogs just have more faith in their owner than is warranted. I swear mine thought they could communicate with me telepathically.
  • First they would think - need to pee. I wouldn't receive the message.
  • Then they would give me a nano second glance with the thought beam. I wouldn't see it.
  • Then a small sound would accompany the glance and the thought. Mom still not receiving.
  • The sound would get louder, the glance longer, sometimes they would look pointedly at the door and back to me. Then escalate to moving towards the door

LOL Next time they would think Mom could not possibly be so dense she didn't get the training session above and it would repeat. Mom learned to keep an eye on the dog and did develop a bit of an ability to read minds but not nearly as good as the dog ability to read human minds. Gosh, sometimes I think we must be an awful disappointment to them.
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