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Question House training lapses?

HI its me AGAIN! I am so paranoid I know!

Tonight, I was sat working and my family where making dinner, my 8 month old puppy was acting perfectly normal. Ie: begging since it was her normal meal time! I went to prepare her meal and suddenly noticed the huge wet puddle on the carpet! As far as we are concerned she didn't really ask to go out but perhaps we were mistaking her asking to wee for wanting dinner? anyway is this ok and normal or is this perhaps a UTI? should i be concerned?

By the way the problem is that the way she asks to go out s not very obvious she just sniffs around and looks at the door for abit but shes not very obvious at all! is there away I can get her to whine or will this become more refined with age?

Thank you all so much and yes the pictures will be coming sooooon!

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