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Binky's Skin Condition Continued

My cat's name is Binky - sorry I did not disclose her name in my other posts. Once again too late about watching what cleaning products I use as I ended up using them yesterday but was careful to wipe all surfaces really well with a damp cloth. Binky was fine yesterday and this morning hour ago, when we were on the balcony, I started to notice her licking quite a bit on her backside and then noticed her twitching and then she ran quickly into the apartment. This time I thought I'd use these hypoallergenic cat wipes I recently bought to see if the itching would stop but I'm not sure they worked as she still seemed to be irritated by something but it was not quite as severe. She ran and jumped up to her new spot in the linen closet on her blanket and is now sleeping. This is what she started to do when the symptoms first started just over a week ago. As for any stress in her life, I'm not one for entertaining in my place as it's a small apartment and Binky is very territorial and does not take kindly to people invading her space lol. She overreacts and starts hissing and swatting at people so I've learned to not have people over very often. She's not too bad once she gets to know someone if they donít try getting her going. She will just sniff them out and not let them out of her view. I am wondering if she may be suffering from seasonal allergies. I leave all the windows open a bit in the apartment due to it being hot in the apartment. There is a lot of tress outside the building and the neighbourhood where I live and I'm sure the pollution is bad as well seeing there is a highway nearby but I live on a high floor. My sister has a dog that suffers from seizures and seasonal allergies and the vet gave her steroids for the allergies which is only uses on occasion as she believes they can cause damage if used on a regular basis for long periods of time. This has helped with her dog Toby's inflammation. He scratches all the time when he gets the allergy especially in the spring and fall. Right now fall is pretty much over and the cold weather is approaching so I don't believe there is any allergen in the air from pollen or anything. In the summertime I did see a ton of pollen floating in the air all the time from the trees but it never bothered Binky.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can use to clean my apartment? I've tried vinegar and baking soda in the past but it does not really get rid of certain stains. What can be used on a hardwood floor, bathroom, kitchen and glass tables? Binky jumps up on everything which I've tried to stop with no luck.

Is there anything I should be asking the vet when I speak to them tomorrow other than, giving them some more insight into Binkyís skin irritation? Should I ask about getting a prescription for prednisone the steroid or maybe a type of ointment that can be applied to her skin/fur with something in it to relieve the itching? I am starting to think that the grooming foam Iíve used twice now which stopped her symptoms may only be a band-aid solution. Maybe whatever this skin issue is has gotten into her cells and blood and need to be treated with medicine of some sort. I pray this does not do anything to her nervous system. Itís almost like women who die there hair every month from the stuff they buy at the drug store that if full of chemicals which we rub into our scalps. This canít be good over the long term. My mom died of terminal cancer a few years ago and one of the questions the oncologist asked her was if she used these types of hair dyes and how often. Kind of makes you wonder if there is some connection there.

One thing I forgot to mention is Iíve also noticed a small little bump on the side of Binkyís nose. I noticed it maybe 3 or 4 days ago but thought the fur was just ruffed up a bit from her licking it so much but yesterday I felt it and it was an actual bump. I will mention this to the vet.

I hope this thread can maybe help others who have an animal that may be experiencing something similar. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me a place to write about what is going on with my Binky.
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