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Question for Ontario dog owners

Hi there Ontario dog owners, I've a question about living in Ontario under the pitbull ban.

First off I've a big mutt named Charlie who's a Boxer/Lab cross. He's a huge head and does have a bit of a mastiffy pitty look to him.

So my question is do any of you Ontarian dog owners think me and Charlie might get into trouble do to the pitbull ban? From reading the bylaws it sounds like a dog only need to look like a pitbull to be seized by dog control. So I'm wondering what it's really like living in Ontario.

I want to know because I went to school in the Kingston area several years ago and fell in love with Ontario from Frontenac County to Stratford. I'm hoping to move back there and setup a doggie daycare/kennel/rescue and rehab.

Thanks in advance
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