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Hi Koteburo:

If I recall I think early this spring you had occasion to use some colloidal silver on one of your cats. Have you thought of using it for the urinary tract problems? Our Missy has the same problem from time to time. The typical bloody spots all over the house, and suffering a lot of pain while trying to urinate. I have found using colloidal silver along with homeopathics that I can knock the pain out of her in about 3 hours or less.

I try to get the homeopathics into her first, Arnica for pain, Pulsatilla this is for irritation, and Hepar Sulfuris is excellent for bladder infections. After that I try to get colloidal silver into her usually 3 or 4 times a day I give her 3 mL or 3 eyedroppers full. Usually things have settled down in a half a day and she is back to normal but even at that I have a protocol that carries on for a week before I stop.

Missy is on raw food, and still gets hit with this problem of urinary tract infection. So I can't blame it on being a kibble problem in her case. I do think stress could be a big factor especially in a multi-cat household.

The use of colloidal silver and homeopathics might be worth considering, or looking into. If you're thinking of using cranberry extract I used Cran Rich by Natural Factors. I find it to be more cat friendly, it has a very mellow flavor which allows it to be sprinkled on the food. Use the quarter capsule (125 mg) twice a day. The reason for this is the active ingredient in the cranberry concentrate has about a 10 hour active window when taken so if it is taken both morning and night you have a better chance of it working for you in protecting your cat.
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