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Thank you Longblades for that really encouraging story. We can really use some more of those!!

We got Gumdrop from just a really nice woman and her husband who had a 2 lovely Chis that ... mated before they were fixed. They weren't breeders and there was no gaurentee. They were so nice and clean and the dogs were of such a wonderful demeanor and healthy. And the second tiny Gumdrop was put into my hand I fell in absolute love with her. There was no turning back.

Both my husband and I love her so much - it wouldn't matter if there was a gaurentee or not - she is our little girl.

Your story actually had me feel a little optomism. I'm so scared that she will decline rapidly and her pain will be unmanageable. I'm so scared that we will have to let go of our selfishness and say goodbye to her before she is even a year old. This is so unfair!!! She's just the sweetest little baby girl - she doesn't deserve this!!

If anyone else has any more stories of how they have dealt with their dog's HD, please ....share it.
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