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Call for Hip Dysplasia Stories/Experiences

Hello Everyone - hope you're having a good day with your awesome dog/s.

I'm hoping all furbaby parents with a hip dysplastic dog/s will tell your stories - what age your baby was diagnosed, what changes they have gone through, what you do to help make their lives happy and pain free ... everything. We desperately need hope.

Our darling little 4 month 3 week old Chihuahua puppy Gumdrop Twinkle-Toes has been diagnosed with stage 4 hip dysplasia in both hips. She didn't even have a chance to be a puppy for very long. Top speed running - which she loved doing so so much - is now something she isn't allowed to do. We are broken hearted and shell shocked. There are basically four doctors on her case, and two specialists within a 2 hour radius were contacted. Surgery is not a option for her right now. Total hip replacement is out completely because she is so small. FHO is an option, but only as - what they call - "salvage" surgery. They won't do it until her pain is unmanageable. So our little Gummy is forced to live her life - at least for now - with us trying everything and anything to control her pain. She is on Tramadol now - she is allergic to Metacam. We put her on Glucosamine. And of course moderate and gentle exercise but every every day.

So please share your hip dysplasia stories.
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