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My dog refuses to go in his crate (after he had been sleeping there for months!)

So I adopted a 4 year old Lasa Westie in April through a rescue group. He was crate trained for when I went out and at night. He was great in his crate; he would willingly go in there when I would tell him and at night he would be waiting for me to bring him his nightly cookie before bed).

I eventually transitioned him to being free during the day but at night he still was crated. No issues that I could see. He would always go in there willingly and was quiet all night. Waiting quietly for me to let him out in the mornings.

About two weeks ago, he just started refusing to go in. I would tell him I was getting the cookie and instead of going in to wait for me he would stop outside the crate and look at me. The first couple of nights I was able to coax him in with a higher value treat, but then the third night, nope. He would not go. I got down on the floor to talk to him, telling him to go in & he just climbed in my lap. I don't want to force him in as I want the crate to be a positive place for him not one where he thinks he is being punished.

Now he's in the bed with me & my other dog which would be fine except he has allergies & is restless. But not really my question.

I'm more wondering why he would just suddenly refuse to go in? I checked all around the crate, the bedding & floor, checked his blankets for accidents, and everything was normal. My only thought is that the crate might be slightly too small for him; he doesn't really have much extra room. But he has been fine in the crate up until two weeks ago!

I tried again last night and again, he wouldn't go in. Thoughts? (Maybe it's my fault now he's in the bed and doesn't want to leave it! lol).
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