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Feline Idiopathic Cystitis. Scully

After 3 visits to the vet since July to October Scully is presenting a pattern in her urinary tract.
She gets sick, tries to go to the litter box all the time, sometimes in some other places like the dirty clothes hamper. You can see she's experiencing a lot of discomfort. Bloody urine, all the signs of the urinary infection.
Then after a 2 or 3 days she gets better. First we thought it was the antibiotic and analgesics. But this last time she didn't have any, the vet is suspecting that it could be caused by stress. X Rays don't show any stones (and I am so grateful for that), she had one culture back in July that showed cocci bacteria and now we're waiting for the results of the sample that was taken today in the following 3 to 4 days. Without any medication she is now emptying her bladder normally, no more blood, no more going all the time, etc.
(We did take her to the vet of course)
We bought at her clinic a Feliway difusor to begin with.
Her an Bobandy tolerate each other but they're not pals. She gets along with Mulder very well (and Mulder aka Bonkers) gets along very well with both. She's everyone's friend.
So anyway we will be getting new furniture very soon. A couch, a table, among some other things.
Bobandy has been with us for over a year and this UTIs are relatively new. Why now? The only different thing is that I'm pregnant (never been before) but I love them as much as life. I haven't changed at all with them, except for not letting them lie on my belly that's about it.
I'm concerned of how the baby will affect them, particularly Scully who is a very sensitive cat.
I'm thinking of ways to ease her stress since it's even making her sick
She's an indoors cat, she has access to the deck when we are around, although it's getting cold. Not the best relationship with Bo but not bad either.
Difusers are one option but what else can help her ease her stress...
Aroma therapy?
(They have cat trees)
Ideas are welcome.
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
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