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Unfortunately its not going well. We went back to the vet today because she was miserable. She shakes twitches & jerks constantly & her breathing was very shallow & somewhat labored.

When the vet examined her we could see clearly that she has some pain in her mid back. There is also 5 new lumps that have appeared since we aspirated the 1st one. I fear that there may be a heart problem or the cancer may have already spread to her lungs. The vet said we could do labs & xrays but she couldn't guarantee that we would get any answerers for sure & since surgery & chemo are not an option there really isn't a point.

We decided to go ahead & give 10mg of pred a try with tramadol for pain. Neither the vet or I can say for sure if the breathing shaking jerking & pulling away when we touch her are from pain or the histamine reaction. She feels that the pred can help for both the histamine & any arthritis pain she may have. At this point I'm holding my breath, crossing my fingers & praying for a miracle.

Thanks again
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