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Stage 4 Hip Dysplasia in puppy

I have posted Gumdrop's diagnosis in: Puppy unwell? No Symptoms - at a loss

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Her condition is advanced - her situation is very sad. We have no choice right now but to do our best to manage her pain. She is on Tramadol with very good response.

I just spoke to our regular vet - he called to answer some additional questions I had. I misunderstood last night when we went in to see her xrays, discuss diagnosis and treatment options, and pick up our baby. The specialist WILL do both her hips - FHO - just not at the same time (obviously). I thought she meant she would only do one EVER.
Clearing that up changed everything for me. I now know that no matter what, my baby has options. When her pain is becoming unmanageable on the right, we will have the surgery done. And then manage pain on the left, until surgery is needed there. No matter what - Gumdrop will be with us for a long life. There will be a bit of pain that we will do our best to keep at bay, and two uncomfortable surgeries with a bit of recovery and physiotherapy, but for a life that can last up to 18 years, that is a drop in the bucket.

So i'm breathing a sigh or at least a bit of relief.


Anyone out there living with extreme hip dysplacia and dealing with pain management - I would be grateful to read your stories and little tricks you have to help keep your babies comfortable through this.

Thank you
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