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Well, little four and a half month old Gumdrop has been diagnosed with ...

Stage 4 Hip Dysplacia in both hips.

We have received 4 opinions - all are the same. Her radiographs were even sent to the area orthopedic specialist in the States (we're in Canada) and she said in her 25 years, she has never seen a case so severe in a puppy this young and this small.

Her sockets are so shallow they are almost non-existant. Her right femur is slipping up and out of the socket, pulling the ligament that holds in in place, which might be the cause of her current pain. there is no artheritis yet, but it is inevitable soon.

She was allergic to Metacam and is now on Tramadol - it is working. If she is having any pain now, it is very minimal. she is trying to romp around and drive me crazy again like she was two weeks ago.

The only surgery possible for her - a puppy/dog as small as her - is a FHO - but the specialist said she wouldn't do it unless absolutely necessary (unmanageable pain), and she would only do one side ultimately because both sides would leave our little girl too unstable. So for now, all doctors are advising pain management, weight control, good diet, supplements for her joints, light excersise and physical therapy, as long as we can.

We are heartbroken. We have fallen in love with her. We just lost our beloved Brittany Spaniel of 12+ years Honey and I'll never be over the immeasurable grief from that. To have this happen to our pup is beyond devastating. I feel like I'm grieving her loss before she is even gone. I know we can help her for a while and she can he happy - but it is inevitable that the pain will come back and someday be unmanageable. She will someday be crippled. She will someday need us to make the horrible decision to do the most unselfish thing we can - ease her pain and let her go. Her pain will become ours for the rest of our lives.

She is just a baby - she doesn't deserve this. She was born with it and how cruel is that? I guess the only good thing to come of this is that I found her and for the kind of life she is going to have, she has the warmest most loving and caring home she could have ever come to. She will be loved every moment she is here, and loved forever after she has to go.
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