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Originally Posted by Adventure_Me View Post
Hello, I am desperate here and really need some help. My 4 year old cat is suddenly getting muscle spasms and it's driving her crazy. She can't relax and she is constanly licking herself all over especially where the muscle is spasming on the right side of her back. It's causing her right hind leg to jerk which I'm still not sure if she may be doing this herself to try and shake out the spasm or if it's a direct result of the spasm. It's been going on for a week now and is getting to the point where it's happening all the time. The only time she gets relief is when she's sleeping which she is doing all the time now. She is eating well, drinking water (I'm assuming) and otherwise does not seem to be in ill health. No diaherra or vomiting. I'm not sure if she's been in contact with something toxic that I'm unaware of but she's an indoor cat. I have not changed anything in the home or in her food. She was at the vet and they did a check-up and blood work but she was under full anesthesia as she is an aggresive cat and does not like to be handled. The vet advised to put her on Prozac as she thinks it's a behaviour issue but I'm weary about putting her on this type of medication. Does anyone have an animal that has taken Prozac? Besides it being addictive, is there any long term damage or side effects? Will my cat be totally out of it all the time? Any suggestions or advise would be great appreciate. I have not had much sleep since this has been going on it's very stressful. She is my baby girl and mommy feels so helpless. All I can do is look in her teary eyes and tell her I love her with all my heart and that I am going to try to help make her feel better soon.
Can you get a second opinion , I can't understand how a muscle spasms can be a behavior issues. Do you know if your cat fell of anything ? Acupuncture treatments might clam your cat , but you need to find a pet that know how to treat pets. I know Prozac can made people that have depression worst , I would not give it to my pet a vet suggested I give a dog of mine and I refuse to.
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