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Really wish it was kept up

I can wait some time, and can come back from time to time see. but I did notice 1 small difference at the time of the original post I would have been 30 years old.
Other than that the details are the same. My Father Mitchell "Mitch" Left when i was 2 years old. shortly there after I was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle. when i was 15 I found my mother and soon moved in with her. (not a very good decision) but they say hind sight is always 20/20.
My Mother Dolores (Lily) has since passed away earlier this year.
have spoken with him but my Father (Mitch) and I don't talk anymore, claims he wants proof that I am his. Since he still lives on the west coast, and I moved to the east coast, it proves to be more trouble than it is worth (not that I wouldn't love to find out the truth, just don't have the means to do it.) my Father really doesn't seem much interested in finding out either. So I decided to let that be that. if he wants to deny my existence then maybe he really isn't worth the trouble after all.
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