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Follow up

Dear all I thought i would follow up with an update on Brandy's condition.
The homeopathy didn't work unfortunately.

All vets i have spoken to are stumped a no-one can say for sure what the cause is. The general agreement however is that it is neurological.
Sadly there is no-one here who offers an MRI scan in this country, so i can;t determine if it is a brain tumor.

Meanwhile Brandy has been on Prednisone tablets, which he has reacted well to. The vet has made it clear that this is not a cure, but is simply alleviating the symptoms, and giving him some quality of life.
They can't tell us how long this can continue for either.... so we are living day by day.
Brandy is currently on 10mg / day [approx 5kg cat]. When we tried to reduce the dose, he became weak and dizzy again, so we increased back to 10/day.
even on 10mg, the past 2 days he is showing signs of weakness and dizziness again, so i suspect the doze may need to be increased, which, i guess, is not a good sign

Thanks to everyone for all your ongoing comments and support
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