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Darn! I don't know how I missed these two posts, I do opologise for that, Winston and DD. Winston, I reckon my knee that was operated on now looks like those lamb's joints. For Dorper lambs though, well they are a very stocky, chunky sort of sheep so need strong joints to carry the weight about. Lambs unfortunately DO get arthritis, but can be vaccinated against it now.

DD, in fact both of you, I am sure you'd manage farm life beautifully. All you need is that joy and enthusiasm for animals and nothing seems too hard. Who said I'm not neurotic? Locking lambs and ewes up so Mr Fox won't grab the babies, most farmers would tell me I'm neurotic. Still, I see the choices are a) you accept some losses(unacceptable to me), b) you get a Maremma sheepdog(I could not leave a dog out where it might get bitten by a Brown snake), or c) you could get an alpaca herd guard. Gone off the latter idea, just another big mouth to feed. So, locking them up out of the rain, warm at night, and hopefully eating out the grass in my driveway is the way to go for me. Here are the new arrivals.
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