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dog diarhea

I have a 11 or 12 year old Mexican rescue dog. I take him back to Mexico each year over winter. Last year while there he had quit e few bouts of diarrhea. That has continued here. the vet did a blood test for his liver & pancreas, no problem there.

Over the last couple of weeks he has been ravenous and has lost weight (5 of 35 ibs), plus he is shedding a lot even though its october ( Mind you you maybe his body knows it will be in Mexico after Christmas). Still frisky however. I went to the vet today and got Drontal in case he has worms which could explain the hunger, weight loss & I am guess the shedding as well.

This all seemed to start after we were camped at a fresh water lake in Mexico, so I am also thinking Giardia may be the issue. That however is muddied because at the same time he chased a cat and since he has a bad leg due to being hit by maybe a car as a pup, he wrenched one of his good legs. I di not know what to to do, it was a remote area, no phones, vets etc. he could only get comfortable if he was on memory foam. Out of desperation we gave him celebrex in proportion to his weight. He had been on the veterinary version of that before, but I suspect we may have OD'ed him a bit. That did a number on his stomach, but it sure cured the leg. So I don't knwo if we are connecting the lake water to the digestive issues or the celebrex.

His stool was normal for a few days until i gave him the Drontal today, now he has bad diarrhea which I am guessing may be a side effect to that.

Being at least 11, more likely 12, I am also wondering about the C word. Any ideas?
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