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calm games to play

Ok Tuesday the girls are off to the vet to get fixed.. and well i know at least the rest of the week they probably wont be as hyper. but was hoping you guys could help with some ideas on calm games or things for the pups to do so that they don't totally drive my mother crazy.
also an idea on how long i have to keep them quiet would be nice so i can prepare my mom on how long the dogs are house bound.. hoping that after a week i can at least take them for a leash walk short or not so that some of the hyperness wont be there and they will listen.. They will be kennel a lot the first week so they don't get to bad.
Also ideas on coning the dogs after getting spayed would be nice.. only had one dog n she wasn't ever coned or kennel but then again she was recovering from being hit by a car (only pulled her tendon)
But ya any idea on calm games to play would be nice
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