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Originally Posted by Marty11 View Post
I wonder if it's seasonal, because it was good for a bit? Have you thought of Atopica? It didn't agree with Marty, but it apparently works. My feelings are treating with drugs if you absolutely have to, I would rather have some quality of life for a shorter time. Every time you smell an odor in the ears or on the skin, it's an infection and you have to treat with an antibiotic. I had this issue with a Golden for 12 years, poor guy. My Boston is on one low dose of Vanectyl P once a day and her coat is perfect, she still enjoys back scratches but it's minimal. I spent over $2000 bucks on a dermatologist. I believe it's poor breeding, I believe she is from a puppy mill.
Well I did snag her up from a bad household before reporting the people. Mother of the pups was extremely malnourished, and there was trash everywhere. Wish I could have saved them all myself but there was no way. I did what I thought best and reported them.

It's not seasonal as its been an all year round problem for years.

Atopica is way too expensive, and I feel allergies are not the issue after wasting 1000's on meds, and testing with poor results.

The sour oder is now completely gone, and has been gone for months now so I must be doing something right.

I have been testing how long it takes for her to start getting sores, or scratching without the cream, and without baths. I got to 4 days before she started scratching, and pimples on her belly appeared. Maybe I am using it too often applying it daily. I'm now doing cream every 4 days after a bath with celcin blue for 10 minutes. Seems to be working the same so far and will save me on cream. Wish me luck.
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