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Treating eye infection in a dog

Yes seems steep for me to pay $80 for a visit, then more for a lab test, just to be told my dog has pink eye and I need some expensive dog eye drops.

I am currently using polysporin eye ointment to clean the outside of her eye. Curretly there is a supply issue with the eye drops so i can't get them. It was recommended to me to use the combination eye and ear drops as they have a lower antibiotic which would be more suitable for a dog but that product is seemingly discontinued. So I am using the eye ointment for external and will use a saline solution to clean-out the eye itself. I'll make another trip to the pet store and see what alternatives are available but on my last trip I did not find anything.

My puppy is so cute, when I'm ready to wipe her eye she 'runs' away but then lies down in a place where she feels safe and lets me do the deed.
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