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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
I'll add that to the original title. It's good to keep the original in case someone else comes searching for information on Invermectin then your experience with it may helps others
Much appreciated friend.
Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
Great you found the old thread!

Permethrin, I guess I wasn't thinking fleas, but there may be other tiny parasites, like mites (storage mites in kibble, dust mites, scabies, etc). Don't know if there are other critters that might be susceptible.

I guess the question is how much of the anti-fungal is helping, and how much of the anti-parasite is helping? Definitely not something you know right now, unless you have tried an anti-fungal alone with no success.

I do not know if the current flea and tick meds with permethrin in them would be as effective as the creme. There may some natural products that contain similar ingredients.

Ivermectin *i think* usually helps scabies, so I'm a bit confused about why this works and the ivermectin didn't, unless there is a strong fungal component, or a bug that is resistent.
Im using celcin blu shampoo which is an antifungal and it basically does nothing. Im almost positive its a yeast issue as i switched her to an all veggy diet and became 99% free of everything. However she was also reallygetting skinny so i stopped that. As for how much cream do i use.. Maybe 3 quarter size drops spread all over everywhere. Id put money on it that its a yeast infection... Allthouth read below.
Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
scabies are under the skin and my vet said the pet is give 3 shots , one per week . And a flea bath or cream will not kill scabies on a dog . I knew someone that got scabies and they gave their dog a flea bath , which was a waste of time and money. The shots for scabies are $10 a shot at my vet , I asked about the scabies shots because a coyote was coming right into yard and a lot of coyotes had to be killed one year because they had scabies .
I guess I need to do some research on symptoms.
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