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Mast cell diagnosis

Hi all I'm hoping you can help answer some questions or share your experiences. My boxer Juliet is 12.5 she has a ton of lumps & bumps all over & had 2 very large ones on her chest. Took her in to have them checked because my vet was afraid they may hinder her walking. While there the vet did a fine needle aspiration on them & they were both fatty. She also checked a 3rd much smaller one & it turned out to be a mast cell tumor. The vet than sent us out with some reading material & decisions to make.

After many heartbreaking discussions we have decided not to do surgery. She has a heart murmur & a really bad cough nearly completely blind & deaf, her right rear paw is completely lame & her left is barely still working. We are all very concerned about her surviving surgery let alone recovery.

So I figured we'd just watch it & see as she is still her happy self. They recommended that we put her on Benadryl & all of this was done on Tuesday. Yesterday we measured the mass so we could keep an eye on it to see if it grows(after the vet messed with it, it immediately doubled in size). We got a measurement of 3cm yesterday today it is up to 7CM. She is still on the Benadryl & I guess I just thought by today the histamine reaction would stop & it at least would not get bigger.

Is this a bad sign of things to come? By messing it did we make it worse? Or is this normal & it will calm back down? Please if you have any info, advice or experience with things like this I would really like to hear it.

Thank you!

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