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Respiratory Infection in cat - Clavamox

Hi members,

Anyone have experience with Respiratory Infections in cats and Clavamox?

Baci (4 year old neutered sphynx cat) is on Clavamox now (for a respiratory infection that we can easily hear when he gets excited but that the vet could not hear when he was paralyzed with fear in front of her).

He gets 2 pills each day of 62.5mg Clavamox....but the gunk inside his lungs (we think) seems to be taking a long time to clear. He's been on it for a full week and you can hear (sounds a bit phlegmy) that he's still having occasional trouble with easy breathing when he gets excited. When He's settled he's fine. Although less often now, he will still sneeze 15-25 times in a row at least once a day. Carmy loves the mucous and other beautiful substances that are now landing everywhere- -lemme tell ya. He's supposed to be on the meds for 3 weeks.

We will likely call the vet in the next day or so but was wondering if members had any advice on this. Thx!
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