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Doing a ton better BUT...

After going back, and forth with fighting skin issues, sores, bald spots, chewing, and scratching I've 100% narrowed it down to two causes. Let me explain.. I went through all the basics of allergy tests, testing for parasites, changing foods, shampoos, you name it! Finally got a cream for burns, rashes, yeast infections, and fungus through the local hospital. Lyderm 0.05% Clotrimaderm 1:1 Compound, and it has worked amazingly well for Kyra! What took months to accomplish has only now taken weeks. Now for the problem.. Prescription is running out with no chance for a refill. I've tried to take her off it and the sores, and scratching returns in a matter of days. Problem number two.. Vet is trying to charge me 200$ for the visit, and who knows what else for the yeast / anti fungus meds. I swear these vets are like doctors now, and are only interested in your money for their prescriptions as once you no longer need them your kicked to the curb. So what can I do now? Help from the vet is out of the question, and I will not discuss that option any further. Need antifungal / yeast meds I can get over the counter. Please help!!
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