Thread: End of an Era?
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End of an Era?

Hi folks. I've recently re-joined 2 forums that I used to frequent a long time ago ( being one of them). Something I've noticed is that traffic seems to be A LOT slower than it used to be. When I was on these forums years ago, I could barely keep up with all the new threads and replies flying around. Looking through these pages now, I'm finding whole sections where no one has posted in months, if not years.

I wonder if the "forum" is going the way of the dodo? Is it because everyone is on their phones these days instead of their computers, and surfing a forum is that much more difficult on those tiny screens? Or are people just becoming less "social" as a whole? Does anyone else find a down-swing in forum popularity? Or is everyone playing somewhere else and my invitation got lost in the mail?

Just curious.
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