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Unhappy Young dog incontinence?

We have a 18ish month old intact beagle. He was a rescue from our next door neighbor who left him outside all day tied up as a puppy, there is a possibility he was beaten "crate/house training". He's been with us about a year. We love him, and he is precious.

We recently moved to a new house about 2 months ago. And the last 2 weeks has been doing ALOT of peeing. Some of it is overly submissive issues I think, but there's also alot of peeing on our bedding...which is getting old really quick. I don't feel like it is "marking" as he isn't hiking his leg. It has only started recently. Before this we didn't have alot of potty accidents. Especially in the new house.

Any ideas? hubby is thinking if getting him fixed would help?
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