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Originally Posted by mybubbles65 View Post
I read it's best to feed an all wet diet.

Originally Posted by mybubbles65 View Post
I think they need a little dry as the crunchy food is good for their teeth.
Nah, isn't good for their teeth at all, actually. Dr. Jean Hofve sums it up best in her article: Does Dry Food Clean the Teeth?

And there are plenty more reasons not to feed dry:

Originally Posted by mybubbles65 View Post
There are foods that are for urinary tract health that keep the urine ph down so I'm wondering if one of those would be good. Help!
If you feed a meat-based, low-carb wet food, you really shouldn't need to go anywhere near one of the urinary tract foods. All the manufacturers do is add an acidifier or more salt to inferior ingredients, when if you fed good quality animal protein in the first place, you don't need that extra crap. I think long-term feeding of these foods can damage other organs.

I feed my own cats a combo of pre-made commercial raw (don't have time to make my own) and a variety of good canned foods like Wellness, Nature's Variety, Weruva, ZiwiPeak, Schesir, etc.....
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