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Thanks guys for replying and offering advice. Our vet has advised us to stop the subqs for the meantime as it is stressing him out. We also stopped with his renal diet because he went on a hungerstrike for 2 days. He did not eat anything just drank water. And he shrunk immediately. We got scared and so we stopped his royal canin renal diet and gave him pure, unprocessed, unsalted, cooked organic ground sirloin instead. He even eats better than me now! Haha. he ate up two bowls once we gave it to him the first time, he must have been so hungry!

He has been eating beef for a week and a half now, but he started to not eat again. I think he is just too picky and he just got fed up with it. I honestly dont know what to feed him next. I thouht he would stick to beef forever. But I guess I was wrong.

To know that sugarcatmom's cat has had ckd for 3 years and still surviving is giving me hope. Thanks. We did warm the subqs before. I think he is just too stubborn now. That he doesnt want anything to do with his meds or maintenance.

To MaxaLisa, in his most recent general checkup which was a week ago, the vet did not diagnose any tick disease.
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