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Looking for advice for new cat

We lost our cat in August to a urinary blockage. He was only six years old. I have heard of crystals in the urine in male cats but have never known anyone that has had it happen to them, until it happened to our cat. We are thinking of getting a new cat as our dog is missing her brother terribly. I'm a little leary about getting another male cat since these blockages happen almost exclusively in males. Am I being paranoid? Looking at a snowshoe cat but don't know anything about them. Our cat that passed was a dsh tuxedo cat. Just looking for some advice on what sex cat, breed, etc. might be a good choice. Want a cat that will of course like the dog. Any advice would be appreciated. Also would a kitten or older cat be a better choice to get along with the dog. Our cat was four when our dog came to us as a little baby.
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