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Ginger is as fine as she can be for 20.5 years old. The Cartrophen Vet every second week is still holding her. Her liver function is fine. Her early stage kidney failure has not advanced. She still eats, wants to be petted maybe a bit less but she is not an affectionate cat. She spent a happy summer lying out on the deck as much as we could let her. She no longer climbs to the top of her cat stand and hobbles a bit more but still ambulates, eats, toilets with nothing that concerns us overly. The only peculiar thing is her coat seems not to have shed properly and it is clumpy and thick looking. Ginger always did shed constantly and still does. We brush her as much as she will tolerate and I guess it would be worse if we didn't but her coat is funny. However I think thinning coat would be something to note and it sure isn't thinning.
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